Glue Brushes - Natural Bristle

Item Number Code Description Units per Box
5008 BB-1 1" Bristle Brush 36
5014 BB-15 1-1/2" Bristle Brush 24
5022 BB-2 2" Bristle Brush 24
5029 BB-3 3" Bristle Brush 12
5039 BB-4 4" Bristle Brush 12

BB Brushes Literature Sheet

Plenum Brush

The Plenum Brush has 2" wide bristles which are angled at a 45° angle. The body of the brush is 18" long to give easy access to those hard to reach spots!

Item Number Code Description Units per Box
5007 PB-2 Plenum Brush 12

Plenum Brush Literature Sheet



Plenum Brush

Caulking Gun

Item Number Code Description Units per Box
5125 SG-2 Caulking Gun for 11 oz. Cartridges 6

SG-2 Literature Sheet


Super Sprayfast Universal

Insulation Adhesive Application System for Water Based Adhesive
Specifically designed for use with Duro Dyne WSA & WIT water base adhesive.
For use with a 5 gallon pail or a 45 gallon drum.

Item Number Code Description
5151 SSFU Super Sprayfast Universal

SSFU Literature Sheet

GBAC Adhesive Applicator

The GBAC applies Duro Dyne WIT or WSA water base adhesive to insulation in preparation for application to sheet metal. It requires 110v service fused for 15 amps. A source of air is required. Specify the direction of work flow when ordering.

Item Number Code Description
39171 GBAC Roto Bonder Left to Right Flow
39250 GBAC Roto Bonder Right to Left Flow

GBAC Literature Sheet

GBAC Manual


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