Dyna-Hammer for Pittsburgh Lock

The Dyna-Hammer puts an end to manual hammering. Just a couple of taps at the center and ends of standard length duct to secure, then the Dyna-Hammer does all of the work. Radius fittings and straight line duct get powerfully knocked down at approximately 20 feet per minute on 14 to 30 gauge metal. Features an ergonomic, multi-stage trigger throttle, for better control during use. Included multi-directional air hose swivel prevents hose restriction during operation. Manufactured of 100% high grade tool steel for durability and trouble-free years of use.


Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
13063 PDH Dyna-Hammer for Pittsburgh Lock 1

Dyna-Hammer Literature Sheet (DDC)

Hickory Mallet

The HM16 is a 16 ounce Hickory Mallet with a large 2-1/2″ face diameter for use to align joints when fabricating ductwork. Ideal for use by tin knockers on sheet metal.

HM16 Hickory Mallet

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
818115 HM16 16 oz. Hickory Mallet w/ 2.5″ face diameter 1

HM16 Hickory Mallet Literature Sheet

Steel Tinner’s Hammer

The DDTH18 Steel Tinner’s hammer is available in one convenient weight. This 18 ounce hammer is made of one piece polished solid steel with an industrial strength rubber grip fastened securely in place.

DDTH18 Tinner's Hammer

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
838396 DDTH18 18 oz. Tinner’s Hammer with rubber handle 1

RBH2 Double Header Hammer

The RBH2 Double Header Hammer is double sided with magnetic heads. Works great with Duro Dyne’s BG Standard Bangers and TBG Tripod Bangers.

RBH2 Double Headed Hammer

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
27064 RBH2 Double Headed Hammer 1

The RBH2 Literature Sheet

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