Established in 1959, Duro Dyne Canada Inc. manufactures and distributes the most complete line of sheet metal accessories and equipment for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning industry in Canada.

Thanks to our association with Duro Dyne National Corp. in the United States, Duro Dyne Canada benefits from their extensive research and development program. This association has made Duro Dyne Canada the Canadian leader in new products and innovations for the HVAC industry.

Duro Dyne fabricates or distributes Flexible Connector in a wide range of fabrics through to the wide range of hardware, tools, screws, insulation pins as well as a wide range of machinery to assist in the use of these products.

The Duro Zone division has made a number of new developments over the past few years and is now considered to offer one of the most complete, versatile, high quality and easy to install Zoning Systems for residential and light commercial projects available. Duro Dyne has also addressed the concerns for indoor air quality through new developments such as the Air Quality Control Systems and Spring Return Dampers.

Always searching for new ideas and products that can assist the HVAC industry,
Duro Dyne Canada is proud to offer the best in Products, Quality and Service.

Duro Dyne Canada Inc.