Whenever your job calls for securing round flexible duct to outlets, pipes or fittings, you can do the job better, faster, and at low cost using DYN-O-TIES™, flexible duct ties.

No tapes, no screws, no clamps. Position the flexible duct and slip a DYN-O-TIE around the flexible duct over the joint. Draw tight with our ratchet action hand tool. A twist of the wrist completes the job by clipping off the excess nylon tab for the neatness and most secure connection you could want.

DYN-O-TIES, when properly installed, provide secure, self-extinguishing joints when connecting certain types of flexible duct listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., class 1.

* Test Method: Ties is secured at both ends forming a loop. A weight is suspended from the bottom of loop to determine
tensile strength of DYN-O-TIE strap.

Nylon 66V2. Self-extinguishing. Fungus inert.
Normal service temperature range: -40°F to 185°F.
Test Results: Nylon __ 275 lbs. *

Nylon Dyn-O-Ties (DDN)

Item No. Code Length Maximum Diameter Qty per Pkg
7004 DN-36N 36 11" 50
6299 DDN-48 48 15" 50

Titanium Dyn-O-Ties

Titanium Ties Logo

Titanium Dyn-O-Ties have Superior Strength! They are UL Listed with the UL Listing directly on the tie, making it easy to spec. They are available in 36" Heavy Duty Dyn-O-Ties. They are Titanium Gray in color and Made in the USA.

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 185°F (85°C)
  • Tensile Rating: 175 lbs. (779N)
Item No. Code Length Maximum Diameter Qty per Pkg
7116 DN36HDG 36 11" 50

Titanium Dyn-O-Ties Literature Sheet DDC

Titanium Dyn-O-Ties Submittal DDC

Dyn-O-Ties Installation Tool (DIT)

This light weight tool is commonly used to install most makes of nylon duct ties.

Item No. Code Description
7343 DIT-3 Dyn-O-Ties Installation Tool for use with nylon Dyn-O-Ties.
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