Duro Dyne Dyn-O-Rings make installing spiral ductwork quick and easy. Dyn-O-Rings come with pre-drilled holes for fast assembly to the duct. They eliminate labor intensive clamps and clips and no special tools are needed for installation. They can be installed & assembled on site or in shop. Ducts can be disassembled and reassembled easily. There is virtually no leakage at transverse connection when properly installed.

90 degree Dyn-O-Rings are available in sizes from 8” to 59” in diameter and TDC Dyn-O-Rings available in sizes from 14” to 59” in diameter.

Manufactured from 18 gauge galvanized steel, meeting specifications ASTM A-653 (lock forming quality).

▪ Meets SMACNA Rigidity Class C, per the SMACNA Testing and Research Institute
▪ Dyn-O-Rings are available in single-layer 90 degree and rigid rolled TDC styles
▪ Pressure class +20”W.G. to -10” W.G.
▪ The 90 degree and TDC Dyn-O-Rings are available as split rings to accommodate
variations in the spiral lines stretch-outs.


Dyn-O-Rings Literature Sheet (DDC)

Dyn-O-Rings Submittal (DDC)

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