Klenk® K-6 Crimper

The model K-6 is a round duct, sheet metal pipe and downspout crimper. This tool reduces the diameter of the end of the pipe so it can be inserted into another pipe of similar size. The K-6 has 5 blades and makes perfect uniform crimps on sheet metal up to 20-gauge. It is recommended for light or heavy piping – furnace, smoke, wall stacks, air ducts, water heater vent pipes and downspouts. The K-6 crimps up to 1-5/8″ for good overlap connection. Heat treated blades for long wear, hardened pivot bolt for durability, offset handles with orange vinyl grips for comfort. For natural in-draw on metal, always start with the three blades on top.
9-3/4″ overall length.

Item No. Code Description Klenk No.  
820110 K-6 5 Blade Crimper MA71260 K-6 Crimper 2019
820331 K-6 Spring Replacement Spring for K-6 Crimper MA76050   


Klenk® KDS-3000 Duct Slicer

STOP breaking your screwdriver! The KDS-3000 slices safely through metal duct and works great for take-offs. The KDS-3000 can also be used as a pry bar or regular screwdriver.

  • The beveled edge notch on the tip allows easier and more accurate piercing of sheet metal.
  • Improved heat-treated steel shaft provides durability and longer-lasting edge on tip.
  • Ergonomic handle is contoured with a rubberized grip on the handle’s exterior giving users a more comfortable and secure grip.
  • The shock absorbing handle. Re-engineered internal structure and steel end cap strengthen handle and absorbs shock when the tool is struck, decreasing hand fatigue.
  • 12″ overall length.
Item No. Code Description Klenk No.  
820117 KDS-3000 12″ long Duct Slicer 3000 MA73010 KDS3000 Duct Slicer

Klenk® KDC-5 Pipe Cutter / Double Cut

  • Cuts round, oval, blackpipe and downspout.
  • Pushing center blade point through pipe starts the cut. This three-blade tool takes out a 1/8″ track leaving both ends clean and straight.
  • Maximum opening of jaws provides better bite – minimum opening of spring-back handles provides easier cutting.
  • Made from durable, hardened steel and hardened pivot bolt provides long wear.
  • Non-slip handle grips are comfortable and secure.
  • 10-1/2″ overall length, 1-1/4″ cut.
Item No. Code Description Klenk No.  
820100 KDC-5 10-1/2″ long Pipe Cutter / Double Cut MA71500 KDC5 Pipe Cutter 2019

Klenk® KDST Duct Stretcher

Engineered to hold duct in place when fastening ductwork.

The KDST Duct Stretcher holds duct in place with one hand while slipping drive cleat in place with the other hand. Engineered to be used anywhere, even in tight or cramped areas. The KDST Duct Stretcher saves your knuckles when working in awkward spaces. The wheels can be adjusted to span greater distances using additional spacing holes. Anodized aluminum body has a vinyl cushion grip handle.
16″ overall length, 1-3/8″ wide.

Item No. Code Description Klenk No.  
820130 KDST 16″ long Duct Stretcher MA77530 KDST Duct Stretcher 2019


Item No. Code Description Klenk No.  
820103 KHT 3″ Tong DA73000
820104 KHT-3G 3″ Tong with Grips MA73500 KHT3G Tongs