KDST – Klenk® Offset Duct Stretcher

Engineered to hold duct in place when fastening ductwork

The KDST Offset Duct Stretcher holds duct in place with one hand while slipping drive cleat in place with other hand. Engineered to be used anywhere, even in tight or cramped areas, the offset duct stretcher saves your knuckles when working in awkward spaces. The wheels can be adjusted to span greater distances using the additional spacing holes. Anodized aluminum body had vinyl cushion grip handle.

KDST Offset Duct Stretcher

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
820130 KDST Offset Duct Stretcher (Klenk) 1

Scratch Awl

The ESPG 3/8″ Scratch Awl comes with a large handle providing ample surface area for contact or grip.

Scratch Awl

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
10014 ESPG 3-3/8″ Scratch Awl w/ Plastic Handle 1

Trammel Point Tool

The DTP-18 Trammel Point Tool includes hardened replaceable tips, designed for longer life. The tips are held in position by a socket head screw. The high tension locking spring, with cushioned finger grips, holds the adjustable trammel rods firmly in position.

Trammel Point Tool

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
818112 DTP-18 18″ Trammel Point Tool 1

Circular Steel Gauge

The 323W Circular Steel Gauge is made of heavy steel and is used for determining steel thickness from 0 through 36 gauge. Manufactured with 300 series Stainless Steel. It comes with it’s own protective storage case.

323W Circular Steel Gauge

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
818015 323W Circular Steel Gauge 1

Edge Scribe

The SSES Stainless Steel Edge Scribe for simple and easy marking of metal sheets. An attached magnet helps keep the tool within reach. It marks dimensions of 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″.

SSES Stainless Steel Edge Scribe

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
10015 SSES Stainless Steel Edge Scribe 1

Metal Edge Turning Tool

The WMET Metal Edge Turning Tool is an extruded high strength aluminum tool for turning flanges on 24 through 30-gauge mild steel. The WMET tool will turn 1″ and 3/8″. The WMET tools are lightweight and will not rust.

WMET Metal Edge Turner 1

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
818137 WMET-12 Metal Edge Turner 12″ long 1
818134 WMET-18 Metal Edge Turner 18″ long 1
818135 WMET-24 Metal Edge Turner 24″ long 1

Duro Stapler and Staples

The DS-31 Rapit 31 Stapler is the perfect tool to easily and quickly close a fabric joint on a flexible duct connector. Use the DSP-1 Staples for “Neva Clog” staplers.

DS31 Stapler and DSP1 Staples

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
10065 DS31 Rapit 31 Stapler 1
10059 DSP1 Staples for “Neva Clog” Stapler 5000

Pin Riveter

Duro Dyne’s DDPR Rivet Gun features:

  • Pass thru mandrel jaw allows for both front or back nail ejection.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Handle lock clip.
  • Constructed of hardened steel for longer life.
  • Compact nose design for hard to reach places.
  • 4 Included nose pieces 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16” with wrench included.
  • High Leverage handles for more power and easier operation 25:1 mechanical

DDPR Pin Rivet Gun

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
22110 DDPR6 Rivet Gun 1

Rivet Gun Literature Sheet

Dyn-O-Ties Installation Tool

The DIT3 is a light weight tool commonly used to install most makes of nylon duct ties.

DIT3 Dyn-O-Tie Installation Tool

Item No. Code Description Qty per Pkg
7343 DIT3 Dyn-O-Ties Installation Tool
for use with nylon Dyn-O-Ties (DNN)

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