PT-40 Plate Mounted Transformer

The DuroZone PT40 Plate Mounted Transformer is a 120 volt input, 24 volt output, 40va rated step down transformer. The PT40 installs on a typical 4 x 4 electrical box and one transformer can operate up to 4 DuroZone dampers.

PT-40 24V Mounted Transformer

Item No. Code Description
35054 PT-40 24V Transformer

RR-1 Relay

The DuroZone RR1 Relay is a 24 volt single pole, double throw, multi-purpose relay that is typically used for applications when isolation or protection of circuits is desired.

RR-1 24V Relay

Item No. Code Description
35055 RR-1 24V Relay

RR-1 Installation Instructions

OTS Outdoor Temperature Sensor

For use with the RED4 panel. The OTS is installed outdoors and out of direct sunlight. The OTS is used with dual fuel heat pump/gas furnace installations.

OTS Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Item No. Code Description
35168 OTS Outdoor Temperature Sensor

LAT Supply Air Temperature Sensor

For use with RED4 panel. The LAT is installed in the plenum or supply air duct after the evaporator coil. LAT helps protect equipment from freeze up or high limit lock out.

LAT Supply Air Temperature Sensor

Item No. Code Description
35167 LAT Supply Air Temperature Sensor

FPS Freeze Protection Sensor

The DuroZone FPS Freeze Protection Sensor is a low cost control designed to be put on the suction line outside the evaporator coil. At 38º it will break the circuit to the compressor relay (Y) preventing freeze-up. At 51º it will make the compressor relay (Y) continue the cooling cycle. The FPS can be used with any of the DuroZone control systems.

FPS Freeze Protection Sensor

Item No. Code Description
35059 FPS Freeze Protection Sensor

FPS Installation Instructions

Replacement Motors for DuroZone Dampers

DuroZone has a wide variety of replacement motors for all the dampers it manufactures. Most are low voltage (24 volt) activated but some are also available as 110 volt units (110 volt is spring return only).

DuroZone Damper Replacement Motors

Item No. Code Description
35138 RM-RD/MS Replacement Motor for RD & MS Dampers
35139 RM-MB Replacement Motor for MB Dampers
35136 RM-PMB Replacement Motor for PMB Dampers
35105 RM-MSSR024 Replacement Motor for SPMS, NSPRD, MMB Dampers

35138 Installation Instructions
35139 Installation Instructions
35136 Installation Instructions
35105 Installation Instructions

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