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Zoning for comfort has always made sense

When people lived in caves fire was used to heat the living space. When the first houses were built a fireplace was put in each room but only those rooms that were occupied were heated – the living area during the day and the bedrooms at night. It made good sense to burn precious wood to heat only the rooms in use. As heating systems became more sophisticated this simple concept was forgotten. One heat source in the building controlled by one sensor (thermostat) became the standard for system design. The inefficiency of this is obvious; a single thermostat cannot maintain a constant temperature throughout a building. We zone the other systems in our buildings… like light switches to illuminate the space where we are… we have faucets at each place we need water… and now we have DuroZone to bring total air conditioning and heating comfort under our control.

Zoning means comfort

As the sun beats down on any one side of a building, the rooms on that side are warmed. The opposite is true on the side exposed to wind and shade. The climate control needs for each side or area are different and can vary throughout the day. With DuroZone, temperature in those areas are maintained at the settings of your choice!

Simply… control means comfort.

Control means savings

By heating or cooling only the areas you need or are using you save energy and that means money!
Depending upon the size and utilization of the building, savings can range from 10 to 30%. For a homeowner this could amount to hundreds of dollars. For a building owner the savings could be in the thousands.

How it’s done

DuroZone puts a separate thermostat in different areas of the home or building. In a home this may be the bedrooms, living/rec areas and kitchen/dining areas. In a commercial building individual offices and conference rooms may be zoned. Each thermostat controls a damper which directs the warm or cool air where and when you want it.

New home or older home?

New construction with a DuroZone system has virtually no effect on its completion date and typically adds less than 1% to overall cost. A retrofit project allows you to customize the house to its best advantage for the present and the future owner.
And, of course, the resale value is enhanced.

COMFORT Rooms are kept at the temperature you want – when you want.
CONSERVATION Realize energy savings up to 30%.
CONTROL Heating and cooling is controlled like you do your lighting and plumbing.
CASH Zoning saves money as well as adding to the resale value of your home.

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