Full List of Duro Dyne Machinery Spare Parts May 2018




Pinspotter Replacement Tips and Plates

17189 Upper weld plate and 17190 lower weld plate need to be replaced as basic maintenance of your bulk feed pinspotter machines. Replacing the plates at the right time will prevent you from having to replace the whole tip.

Machinery Consumables Literature Sheet

17189 Upper Replacement Plate Instruction Sheet

17190 Lower Replacement Plate Instruction Sheet


FG RH Foot Pedal

The cast aluminum foot pedal from Duro Dyne comes standard with certain models of machinery to free up the operators hands for easier material handling. It is a light, durable, cast aluminum foot pedal and features a large opening to accommodate todays steel/composite toe boots.

It can accept a maximum voltage of 250VAC and can be used universally on all our machines that accommodate a foot pedal option such as the RH series pinspotters, FG series pinspotters and Rod Lock Insertion machine.

17372 Footswitch with Guard (Foot Pedal

FG RH Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal Literature Sheet





Lift Kit

An optional machinery lift kit is also available for a custom ergonomic work space. Multi-Height Pinspotter Lift Kit will allow for height increase of 4″ or 6″.

17135 FG/RH Lift Kit

FG and RH Lift Kit






TSP/TBW Spot Welder Parts

The Duro Dyne TSP & TBW Spot Welders have been discontinued although parts for these spot welders are still available.

Spot Welder Arms and Tips for Duro Dyne TSP & TBW Spot Welders

TSP / TBW Spot Welder Parts List Nov. 2018

TSP / TBW Welder Parts Diagram