• Wide temperature range (-101º to 260ºC)
  • Minimal smoke levels
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent cleanability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance

TEFLON is a fluorocarbon – impregnated and coated fiberglass fabric. It incorporates a very broad temperature range, UV resistant and the fluorocarbon impregnation and coating is extremely resistant to most industrial chemicals.

TEFLON produces very little smoke on exposure to flame and extreme heat. It is supplied in 30m (100ft) coils of fabric joined on both sides to galvanized steel, or as a fabric only for special applications.


While it may be used almost anywhere a flexible duct connector is needed, TEFLON is particularly suited to those applications exposed to higher temperatures, or where the risk of fire is concerned. TEFLON minimal smoke levels alleviates the possibility of noxious fumes from the connector being added to the duct air stream in the event of a fire.


Base Fabric: Fiberglass / Satin Weave
Coating: Teflon
Color: Grey Outside / Beige Inside
Mass (Weight): 561 g/m² (16.5 oz/yd²)
Thickness: 0.381mm (.016″)

Tensile Strength: (400×300 lbs)

Tear Strength: (50×30 lbs)

Burst Strength: 4481 kPa approx. (650 psi)

Flame/Smoke: 0/5 (ASTM E84 Rating)

Temperature Range: -101° to 260°C (-150° to 500°F)

Flame Resistance: METHOD ASTM-D-6413
Char Length: 1 inch max. (2.54cm)
Afterglow: 1 second max
Flame Out: 1 second max


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