• Weather resistant – Waterproof – Airtight
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Unaffected by sunlight and ozone
  • Remains flexible to -40ºC
  • Heat resistant to 120ºC
  • Superior resistance to abrasion
  • Strong, resilient with excellent flex life

DUROLON is a weather-resistant, waterproof, flexible connector material which meets the special requirements of outdoor applications. Years of proven service have verified its outstanding resistance to direct sunlight and to extreme weather conditions. Being inherently ozone-resistant, it is unaffected by proximity to electrostatic air cleaners. It has superior anti-abrasion qualities and resists scuffing, cracking and a wide range of chemicals. Its clean, white colour minimizes heat absorption. DUROLON has a wide service temperature range and has excellent aging qualities.

DUROLON consists of a strong, woven fiberglass fabric, coated on both sides with a specially compounded synthetic rubber. It is supplied in 30m (100 ft.) coils of fabric joined on both sides to galvanized steel, or as a fabric only for special applications.


DUROLON is well suited for flexible connections on outdoor air handling units and ducts, as well as in medium and high velocity ventilating, air conditioning and heating systems. Intended for use in the industrial/commercial markets, it should be used when its broad service temperature range and its resistance to sunlight, weathering, ozone and abrasion answer particular requirements.


Base Fabric: Woven Fiberglass
Coating: Du Pont Hypalon
Mass (Weight): 814 g/m² (24oz/yd²)
Thickness: 0.61mm (.024″)

Tensile Strength: 2000×1780 N (450×400 lbs)
CAN 2-4.2-Method 9.2

Tear Strength: 53×53 N (12×12 lbs)
CAN 2-4.2-Method 12.1

Burst Strength: 3450 kPa approx. (500+ psi)
CAN 2-4.2-Method 11.1

Temperature Range: -40ºC to 120ºC (-40ºC to 250ºF)

Fire Resistance: UL Certified NFPA 701. Meets requirements of CAN/ULC S109-03.

Chemical Resistance of Duro Dyne Coated Fabrics sheet (PDF)

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