For Parallel Dampers
Neva-Bind Duro Blade Kit

Duro Dyne’s exclusively patented “NEVA-BIND” Linkage Bracket will always align itself to assure smooth, non-binding operation even on the heaviest damper blades. Above, or at unequal distance from the blade axis, it is capable of adjusting itself all four ways, in-out, up-down, sideways and rotation. These kits contain all necessary hardware for one blade of a multi-blade damper

Item No. Code Description Bearing Size
2001 BK-1 7/16” I.D. Neva-Bind Blade Kit 7/16”
2002 BK-2  1/2” I.D. Neva-Bind Blade Kit  1/2”



For Opposed Action Dampers
Opax Blade Kit

Opposed Action Dampers minimize turbulence and the control of the air is more linear. Exclusive Neva-Bind, 4 way self-adjustability which Duro Dyne “OPAX” kits feature, automatically compensate for any construction inaccuracies and maintains linear operation. The critical dimensions between linkage points are also maintained during operation. “OPAX” provides opposed action of damper blades and holds the blades rigidly in position eliminating rattle or flutter. These linkage kits contain all the necessary hardware for two opposed action damper blades.

Item No. Code Description Bearing Size
2003 BKO-3 7/16” I.D. Opax Blade Kit 7/16”
2004 BKO-4  1/2” I.D. Opax Blade Kit  1/2”


For other Multi-Blade Damper hardware

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