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 PDH Dyna-Hammer August 20, 2019 PDH Dyna-Hammer for Pittsburgh Lock
 PLSU2 Automatic Insulation Cutter     LSU Liner Sizer August 6, 2019 PLSU2, LSU and ASVC2 (Insulation Cutters and Vane Cutter)
 EZ Connector Logo 1 July 23, 2019 EZ Connector®  (Corners and Bolts)
        GBAC_2019 July 09, 2019  Adhesive Applicators
H Butyl Gasketing June 27, 2019  H Butyl Gasket
   June 12, 2019  PBF520 Pinspotter
 FG MACH III Automatic Bulk Feed Pinspotter  May 28, 2019  FH MACH III Pinspotter
 Dyn-O-Loc  May 7, 2019  Dyn-O-Loc & D-Stud
 Dyn-O-Wrap DW and PRW  April 23, 2019  Dyn-O-Wrap
 SRE516 E Blast  April 10, 2019  SRE516 Slide Rapit Extension
 Universal Magnetic Cleat Tool  March 26 2019  Universal Cleat Tool
 DCEC DynOCoat  March 12 2019  Dyn-O-Coat
   February 27 2019   The Stripper – Degalvanizer
 BB_Brushes_EBlast  November 27 2018   Bristle Brushes
 Pink Butyl Gasket for EBlast  November 13 2018   Pink Butyl Gasketing
 Dyna Click set  October 30 2018   Dyna-Click
   October 16 2018   Brak-It
 DTRWC Cable Cutter for WC8 Wire Rope  October 2 2018   Cable Cutter Heavy Duty
 SAK6 Sheath  September 18 2018   SAK6 Stainless Knife with Sheath
 Perforated Plastic Hanging Strap  September 4 2018   Perforated Plastic Hanging Strap