Aviation Snips, Shears, & Specialty Duct Tools

A Tradition of Quality

Karl Klenk was the inventor of aviation snips. In 1934 he founded the company under his own name and began manufacturing these unique and useful hand tools.
New tools for various applications were added to meet changing needs.

The company has served the needs of tradesmen for over 66 years by designing and manufacturing only superior industrial-quality tools.

Today Klenk Industries Inc. continues this tradition by producing the kind of products that make KLENKS® the recognized quality leader in the industry.

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   KDC-3G Straight Cut Snip  KOS1 Offset Snip  KBD Snip 2019

AVIATION SNIPS   9-1/2″, 10-1/2″ (KJS, KDC), Offset Snips (KOS), Bulldog Snips (KBD)


KTS-7 7" Klenk Tinner's Shear KTS-10 10" Klenk Tinner's Shear KTS-12 12" Klenk Tinner's Shear KTS-14 14" Klenk Tinner's Shear KTS-16 16" Klenk Bulldog Shear

PROFESSIONAL TINNER’S SHEARS (KTS)   available in 7, 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch.


 KDS3000 Duct Slicer     KHT3G TongsKSM3 Seamer   KNHR Notcher 2019  KDST Offset Duct Stretcher

 including Crimper (K6), Duct Slicer (KDS3000), Pipe Cutter (KDC5), Tongs (KHT & KHT3G) & Seamers (KSM3), Notcher (KNHR) and Duct Stretcher (KDST).